392142_10150441927808758_817957443_nSyrian Armenian Artist Currently relocated in Copenhagen. And I call it Home Today

BA in Marketing and Business Administration. Southampton Solent University – England.

My work experience by large, has been focused on my family business.

Despite being active in my family business, I always thought that I should experience work and life in different organizations ..

i volunteered with many different programs in Syria on too many wide and various levels.

on an Artistic level , worked closely with” le pont gallery” where we used to organize international photo festivals . and later on with friends we managed to established our own initiative and create Artville in Aleppo.

on the other hand , working closing with community development programs

either related to my roots in the Armenian community specifically and more with the Syrian community in general , been always active citizen with thousands of projects and dreams Lined up .

which today i feel it all makes sense , all my past diverse experiences it’s connected indirectly to be who i am today .

Today i work for an NGO in Copenhagen and yes i am a dreamer an Artist and free spirited ,

I decided to put this blog on as I have lined up projects and thoughts that are taking too much space in my head and I would like to publish them before I am a Mom for beautiful Angel .

for more about my artwork feel free . www.angeliquesanossian.com