Unpairing my fear

A while ago I took part in an art talk which was followed by an interesting documentary film about “Hope” and “Fear”. In it I had to share my biggest fear and my biggest hope on a piece of paper. When I held the pen, it didn’t take me long to write down my fear; “THE FEAR OF NOT ACCOMPLISHING THE UNSTOPPABLE ART PROJECTS IN MY HEAD”. I usually draw them in my mind at night, instead of creating them and putting them into contexts.

During the same week by chance, my husband and I had to move to a new flat. You see, I live with my husband in a 80m2 flat, and it’s just the two of us “so far”.

What happened was while moving and organizing ourselves in the new flat and I discovered the huge amount of “unpaired socks” we both had gathered throughout the past 3 years . That was strange!

For the past three years , we both do a lot of washing and I don’t recall myself returning home from a yoga class wearing one pair or him from handball. Surprisingly when I wash and hang out the clothes to dry, I always end up with unpaired socks and I convince myself they might be somewhere in the bucket which will come out with the next round.

It just made lots of sense to me because it’s exactly like all the Art projects and thoughts that run in my head and that have never been shaped into context. Therefore, I promised myself to pair them even if they were incomplete. Once they find the road they will find a way for an exposure and can be re-shaped anytime.

So today this is how it looks like! Enjoy the collection of artwork below.

Any art project has the following.

The vision to create.

The drive to create it,

and then you sometimes stop, because you lack funding, and you want to be appreciated,

while someone else is making the effort to print your work, and market it instead of you .

Especially If you’re a beginner and not sponsored by any gallery or institution you end up saying to yourself, you won’t get motivated if you’re rarely appreciated.

But the reality is the opposite! The more you create the better you feel, and in creating Art perfectionism doesn’t exist the moment you drop from the chain of thoughts, but that’s when you can be more easily creative. One of the best dialogues I had with an artist was when he once shared with me the following: “You’re an artist. An artist creates every day. An artist is like a fisherman. Does the fisherman stop fishing? Fishing can be a hobby but to be a fisherman you need to go out there every day.”

So in conclusion I leave you with some of the latest One Sock Creation.

Ps. I just discovered I am not alone on this planet thinking there is a monster in my washing machine or there is a monster which resides in my laundry room but somehow some scientists even have come up with a Formula

These included the volume of laundry, number of people in a household and number of socks in a load.

(L (p x f) + C (t x s) ) – (P x A)



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