Unspeakable thoughts – 2013

Inner restoration was what I needed in 2011. I needed to be alone to gather myself and had the intention for a Shala in India but didn’t manage to make it happen. The only Shala was my body, myself in a new place and that was my temple. The following pieces of artwork is a collection of reactions, messages , angels and stories which happened with me during my stay in Beirut . I lost trust, trust in everything; starting from myself to every single person new or old walking into my life or just passing by! During the period of my restoration, I was silent and generally conversed a lot in my head until finally it was time to pull all of that out. I am thankful to everyone who trusted, waited and accepted my changes in their own special way and I dedicate this work to all the people and stories that happened with me during my “silent mood” . Thank you all for your lessons and messages. I enjoyed the ride! It is said “If you are really aware, every soul is a mirror and a teacher.” However, you never know how and why certain people or objects or projects were right in front of you at a certain time. They guide you and once you are aware you need to accept and be open for the experience. You are a being, living this life, and you do it however you can. Sometimes you have a thought and you think you can illustrate that in art sometimes you can’t and you just enjoy the fact of creating what is in your head. The tapestry of your soul is woven, some stitches are bright and some are dark but there it is, your soul, which is a mirror of yourself. So, after mirroring everything I saw in the streets, besides watching myself and hearing the echo of the non-stop monologue in my head, I believe it is time to share some ART.


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